Tire Chain Glossary

2 Link Spacing ( Double Duty) - Cross chains are spaced 2 links apart on the side chain for extra coverage and traction
4 Link Spacing ( Single Duty) - Cross chains are spaced 4 links apart on the side chain. 4 Link Spacing is the standard construction.
Anchor Shackle ( Clevis) Used in several different applications as a joiner link.
Boomer - see: Fastener
C Hook - see: Quick Hook
Cable Chain - An economical emergency traction device that is composed of wire rope cable instead of side chain, and cable covered by metal rollers instead of cross chain.
Cam Locks - Small crescent shaped pieces of metal welded to side chain to facilitate tightening.
Center Rail - see: Side Chain. The middle piece of side chain on a set of triples.
Clevis - see: Anchor Shackle
Comet Hook - see: J Hook
Cross Chains ( Cross Links) The part of tire chain that spans the tire surface. Provides traction with the ground surface.
Cross Chain Hook - Found on the ends of cross chain and secures them to the side chain.
Cross Chain Repair Link (Monkey LInk) Used to repair breaks in cross chain without welding.
D-Wire - see: Twisted Square Link
Double Diamond - see: Net Link
Double Duty - see: 2 Link Spacing
Duals - Chains for a dual axle vehicle. Long cross chains span the width of both tandem tires.
End Hook - see: Quick Hook
Fastener ( Boomer) - Fastens the two ends of the side chain together.
J Hook ( Swivel Hook, Comet Hook) - A style of cross chain hook that swivels to allow the cross chain to be removed without the need of tools or chain pliers.
Ice Chain - see: Twisted Square Link
Icy Squares - see: Square Link
Inside Hook - see: Quick Hook
Lap Link - see: Side Chain Repair Link
Monkey Link - see: Cross Chain Repair Link
Net Link ( Double Diamond) - A style of heavy duty chain for Loaders, Graders & Tractors. The chain pattern resembles tandem diamond shapes running the length of the chain forming a “net” over the tire surface.
Pin Coupler (Pin Shackle, Plug Coupler) - Used as a joiner link for heavy duty chain.
Pin Shackle - see: Pin Coupler
Quick Hook ( C Hook, Inside Hook, End Hook) - Secures side chain ends together.
Regular Link (Twist Link) - A standard type of cross chain made with round wire carbon or alloy steel.
Rim Chain - see: Side Chain
Side Chain ( Rim Chain) - Lengths of chain that are the frame for tire chain construction.
Side Chain Repair Link (Lap Link) - Used to quickly repair breaks in side chain without welding.
Single Duty - see: 4 Link Spacing
Singles - Chains for single tires.
Square Link ( Ice Chain, Icy Squares) - A type of cross chain made of square wire alloy metal links.
Triples - Chains for a dual axle vehicle. A piece of side chain called the center rail runs down the middle to separate and stabilize the cross chains that span each tandem tire on either side.
Twist Link - see: Regular Link
Twisted Square Link
( D-Wire, Ice Chain) - Twist in link creates lower profile (compared to standard Square Link).
V-Bar (Ice Picks) - A style of cross chain reinforced with pieces of metal sticking up in a V shape, providing extra traction.