Units of Measure

Cross Reference Guide

Cross Reference Guide 

Definitions of SAE Classifications

1. SAE Class “S” -- Reular (non-reinforced) passenger tire chains and cables for vehicles with restricted wheel well clearances.
2. SAE Class “U” -- Regular (non-reinforced) and lug reinforced passenger tire chains for vehicles with regular (non-restricted) wheel well clearances.
3. SAE Class “W” -- Those passenger tire chains that use light truck components, as well as some light truck chains.

Minimum Clearances Required For Tire Chains

Minimum Clearance

NOTE: For design purposes, “D” is the maximum crown tire section width as established by the Tire and Rim Association (TRA). The minimum clearances specified must be maintained around spring clips, spring bolts, fenders, braces, splash pans, fuel lines, brake lines, brake controls, and wherever necessary. Tire size must be known in order to select a tire chan of correct fit. For Passenger cars, Vans, and small Pickup Trucks it is important to check the owner’s manual. The restricted wheel clearances in most of today’s downsized and front drive vehicles may require the use of SAE Class “S” tire chains, as noted in the manuals.