1. By nature, chains & their accessories are used in extreme conditions and are therefore routinely subjected to overloading and overuse. Sometimes customers request warranty as a result of products being used in the incorrect application, whereby Quality Chain Canada (hereby referred to as QCC) will recommend a product upgrade. If an incorrect application is the issue, then it does not constitute a warranty claim. Please contact us to discuss these product upgrade options.

2. QCC will repair or replace product at our discretion and only after a thorough inspection or written warranty report has been completed on the product(s) in question.

1. The following procedures must be followed in order for customers to apply for warranty & for QCC to process a warranty claim: 
2. Attach photo(s) of each product in question. Each item & piece that is being claimed for warranty must have photos to back up the claim. 
3. Provide application, amount of usage & vehicle (if applicable) as well as tire size (if applicable) & part # of product in question. 
4. Provide the date, invoice#, and name of Dealer or Retailer that the product was originally purchased by for verification of purchase. The more information that can be supplied the better. 

If the above procedures are not followed then QCC has the right of refusal on any warranty claim. Following the above procedures DOES NOT guarantee that the warranty claim will be granted. If the above procedures & thorough inspection/written warranty report are completed then the warranty claim is only eligible to be processed. QCC will always work to process warranty claims as quickly as possible, however some warranty claims can require up to eight weeks for processing and evaluation.

3. Warranty DOES NOT include the following:

1. Any damage caused by alteration, storage, repair, or handling by the buyer. 
2. Structural modifications made without manufacturer’s approval. 
3. Excessive wear, not caused by production defects. 
4. Products not used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. 

4. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: The products listed in this catalogue are warranted free from defects in workmanship and material for thirty (30) days from date of delivery. No other express warranty is given and no affirmation of seller, by words or action, shall constitute a warranty.

5. REMEDIES: The Buyer’s sole remedy for breach of any warranty is limited exclusively to obtaining, at the discretion of the Seller, either credit, repair or replacement of any product sold hereunder by QCC which shall be returned to seller’s plant, transportation prepaid within thirty (30) days after delivery to a user and within ten (10) days of discovery of alleged defect, and which QCC inspection shall determine to be defective. Buyer shall not be entitled to recover any incidental or consequential damages. No products shall be returned without written consent of QCC.